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Spirit Illustrated Mission

 To Illustrate the Many Aspects of the Kingdom of God


About Spirit Illustrated

Spirit Illustrated was born out of a supernatural experience Ron had with God. In 1983, a year after he graduated with a double major in Theology & Counseling from Northwest Nazarene Bible college, he felt the Lord ask him to do a 21 day fast. On the 3rd day, he received an open vision. In the vision, he saw what looked like the Earth floating in his room, about the size of a beach ball. Then he saw what looked like blankets, falling down, covering the Earth. He asked the Lord what this meant. In an audible voice, He said to Ron, “These are your paintings. They will cover the Earth and change the way people think about Me.” At the time, he thought that would take a miracle, as he was not an accomplished artist, and he knew little about painting. The Lord was faithful, and gave him many revelations. There were also divine appointments from several world-renowned artists, whom he was able to learn from. As he looks back, he can see how the Lord ordered his steps and prepared the way. As many of us do, he expected all of that to happen very quickly. The truth is, he is on this journey 30 years later, seeing much of this now fulfilled. Ron’s travels around the world experiencing numerous cultures and including visits to Israel, have uniquely prepared him to communicate the Kingdom through his art. Preparation is everything!


The Spirit Illustrated Team

There is a team of wonderful, dedicated believers who help make this ministry happen. Please consider being a part of this ministry by supporting us, to take the Gospel of the Kingdom all over the world, and help fulfill the Great Commission. We never accept donations, but rather, to accomplish our mission, we encourage all to purchase artwork, pray for us, and/or join our team of representatives.


About Ron Iverson

meSales of reproductions of Ron’s work have topped over 1,000,000 prints worldwide, and have previously been sold through over 3,000 Christian bookstores. Ron sold a series of collector plates with Bradford Exchange, numbering in the tens of thousands, and has sold hundreds of original, commission paintings in his career. In addition to being an internationally recognized painter, he is also a highly skilled professional photographer. He uses his photography skills, as well as his painting ability, to illustrate the Kingdom of God.

Ron is an avid outdoorsman. His passions outside of daily studying and teaching the Word, are wildlife and nature photography and fishing, to include fly fishing in the Colorado Rockies. He spends as much time as he can fishing and hiking in the outdoors with his Golden Retriever, Kona.